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Hurricane Preparedness and Travel Tips - 6/1/2016 -

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The hurricane season officially begins June 1st. Each year the Airport takes part in activities to prepare for different types of emergencies, including natural disasters such as hurricanes. The Airport plays a critical role in the evacuation process as well as during recovery efforts. The Airport’s number one priority during a storm event is the safety of the flying public.

With many taking summer vacations, here are some important things readers should know regarding the Airport’s operation prior to the impact of a storm. If a tropical storm or hurricane is approaching our region, the Airport will remain open to the flying public for as long as the airlines continue to operate commercial flights. It is important to note that the airline’s decisions to cease flight operations will vary from airline to airline. Each airline determines when to terminate their operations, not the Airport.

If you plan on traveling by air out of the region due to an impending storm, plan early. If you plan on traveling with pets, please make sure to check with the airline to see if they allow pets before you book your ticket. Not all of the airlines allow pets and there are federal limits as to the number of pets allowed on each flight.

If you are traveling on a scheduled flight when a storm is approaching, please carry some form of flight confirmation and personal identification. The flight confirmation can be an "email” flight confirmation, boarding pass or ticket receipt. If you do not have the necessary documentation, it may delay your entrance to the Airport terminal. Before coming to the Airport for your flight, passengers should check with your airline for information on any changes or updates relative to the storm event. The Airport will also post updates as they are warranted on our website

In the event of the impending landfall of a tropical storm or hurricane to our area, necessary law enforcement will be deployed to the Airport to ensure a secure environment and access to the Airport facilities. At the peak of the storm, access to the Airport will be restricted. It is important to remember that as in the past, the Airport is not a public storm shelter. For safety reasons, the general public will not be allowed to ride out a storm at the Airport.

The public should also take measures to be prepared in the event of a hurricane. Some of these necessary actions include assembling disaster supplies, strengthening your home, and creating a hurricane plan. If you have not yet prepared for the possibility of a hurricane, it is not too late. There are several sources the public can reference in their preparation for emergencies. The New Orleans Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness’s NOLA Ready initiative offers information and resources to the public to be ready in the event of a hurricane. On their website (, citizens can sign up for emergency alerts and city-assisted evacuation to be better prepared when a disaster occurs.

As you consider summer travels, the Airport has several new non-stop vacation destinations to choose from. GLO, a New Orleans-owned and -based public charter, recently announced that they will offer flights to Destin-Fort Walton Beach, Florida, on select dates starting June 24th. Passengers can get to this favorite beach destination for a weekend or weeklong getaway with a short, one-hour flight onboard a comfortable Saab 340b. Special GLOforIt fares are available now for $99, when you purchase round-trip travel. GLO also offers flights from New Orleans to Shreveport, Louisiana, Little Rock, Arkansas, and Memphis, Tennessee. Tickets are only available for purchase on their website

With other new additions, Allegiant Air now offers flights to nine non-stop destinations from New Orleans. In recent months, they began service to Jacksonville, Florida, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, and on June 3rd, Allegiant will start flights to their newest destination St. Petersburg-Clearwater, Florida. Allegiant is an ultra-low cost carrier that specializes in providing an easy and convenient way to create a memorable vacation experience by offering all-inclusive travel packages to its customers. Tickets and travel packages must be purchased directly from Allegiant’s website

Iftikhar Ahmad, Director of Aviation for Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport may be reached at Check your local listings for the air time of the Armstrong International Airport 30 minute television program, "Airport Alive” or view it on the airport website,, by clicking on the "Airport Alive” link on the "News and Stats” page. You can now follow the airport on and Twitter @NO_Airport. To find out how to be a volunteer at the airport, click on "Ambassador” on the airport’s website homepage.


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