Kids Hangar
Kids Hangar
Hello and welcome to the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport Kid's Hangar. This is a part of our website for children that travel through the airport, have an interest in aviation or are just looking for something fun to do.
On this page, there are printable games, puzzles and activity pages to color.
We also have some travel tips for parents traveling with children, some educational pages for our older children and some helpful links.
Have fun and check back often to see what is new in the Hangar!!
Most of the pages below require Adobe Acrobat Reader

Puzzles and Activities

Airplane Squares
Airplane Squares

Fun Facts and Coloring Pages

Fun Facts



Fleur De Lis

Travel Tips for Parents

Air travel with children can be a pleasant experience if proper preparation for the trip has been done. Here are some tips to consider.
  • Get your rest. To avoid having "grumpy” travel companions, try to be sure your children are rested before going to the airport. This would be good advice for parents too.
  • Explain air travel. If you have traveled on an airplane, tell your children what to expect in an airport both pre and post security. Advising the children before the trip of the correct behavior expected, especially once seated on the airplane, will prepare them to be a welcomed traveler by the other passengers.
  • Keeping busy. Be sure to bring activities for the children that will occupy their time, while they are in the airport and on the airplane. At Armstrong International, you may wish to stop by our information booth located at the entrance to Concourses C for a free activity book. If you forget to bring a favorite toy, you can always find toys and activity booklets in one of the airport news and gift shops.
  • Bring a movie. Portable DVD and CD players are allowed on an airplane and for children of all ages are a wonderful way to entertain for an extended amount of time. However, don't forget the headsets. The other travelers may not want to hear your child's favorite movie or song.
  • Snack and/or Eat. Be sure to feed the children before arriving at the airport or allow enough time to eat at the airport before you board your flight. The concession hours at Armstrong International Airport for most eateries are 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. Though most of the airlines will serve a beverage on board the airplane, snack items for the children brought on board the plane by you should be considered. However, they must be TSA compliant to pass through screening.
  • Family restrooms.  We have family restrooms located on Concourse C, Near the Jazz Alley Lounge (in the main terminal) and in the baggage claim area (near belt #11).

Helpful Links

Educational Pages

Aviation Alphabet
Aviation Lingo
How Airplanes Fly



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