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Interstate Certification


49 CFR Section 26.85(c) permits a recipient (State B) to choose not to accept State A’s certification of a firm. In this instance, the firm must provide State B a copy of its certification letter from the home state, a complete copy of its application form with all supporting documents actually provided to State A, and any other non-duplicative information it has submitted to any other state related to its certification. The term "supporting documents” is not a reference to the Uniform Certification Checklist. Instead, it refers to those supporting documents that the DBE previously submitted to State A as part of its initial certification application package including its current annual affidavit. For example, tax returns provided with a DBE’s initial application to State A should be provided, but State B may not request from the DBE more recent tax returns than those in State A’s (or another state’s) files.

  1. Requests for interstate certification are usually received from the applicant via mail
  2. Date and stamp request as received
  3. Log into the DBE database and create a file with a DBE Office File Sheet
  4. Contact the home state within seven (7) days to request a copy of the site visit report, any updates to the site visit review, and any evaluation of the firm based on the site visit. The home state must transmit this information within 7 of this request
  5. As indicated above, a complete copy of the home state’s initial application with all supporting documents is required (Note-you may not require the DBE to supplement the home state certification package
  6. Perform a desk audit of the home state’s application indicating on the file sheet his/her findings and recommendation
  7. Once it has been determined that we are in receipt of the complete home state’s package and supporting documents, and the desk audit review is complete, the file is given to the DBELO for final decision
  8. 8. Once a decision is rendered then one of the following actions should be taken. NOTE:-We must notify the applicant within 60 days of our decision.
    • If approved – advise the applicant in writing of the firm’s approval and complete the database entries Note-we must recognize all NAICS codes of the home state certification
    • If denied – advise the applicant in writing of the specific reason(s) and provide the rationale for specifying such reason(s) for denying the request for interstate certification. Reasons for denial must be specific enough so that the firm can respond with information and arguments focused clearly on the particular issues identified. The reasons should not be conclusory or broad but rather, specific, fact-based reasons.
    • The firm is given the opportunity to respond. The denial must be specific enough so that the firm can respond with information and arguments focused on the particular issue(s)

Please, note: If the personal net worth of the majority owner(s) of the firm exceeds $1.32M, as defined by 49 C.F.R. Parts 23 and 26, the firm is not eligible for the DBE or ACDBE certification. If the personal net worth of the majority owner(s) exceeds the $1.32M cap at any time after your firm is certified, the firm is no longer eligible for certification. Should that occur, it is your responsibility to contact your certifying agency, in writing, to advise that your firm no longer qualifies as a DBE or ACDBE.

Interstate Certification Affidavit


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