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Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport

Airport Data & Statistics
Listed below are the most recent statistics from the New Orleans Aviation Board.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these documents. If you don't have Adobe installed on your computer you can download and install it  by clicking on the Adobe icon to the right.   
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Statistics - Last 12 Months
11/30/2015View File November 2015
10/31/2015View File October 2015
9/30/2015 View File September 2015
8/31/2015 View File August 2015
7/31/2015 View File July 2015
6/30/2015 View File June 2015
5/31/2015 View File May 2015
4/30/2015 View File April 2015
3/31/2015 View File March 2015
2/28/2015 View File February 2015
1/31/2015 View File January 2015
PFC Passenger Facility Charge
9/30/2011 View File Third Quarter 2011
6/30/2011 View File Second Quarter 2011
3/31/2011 View File First Quarter 2011
12/31/2010View File Forth Quarter 2010
9/30/2010 View File Third Quarter 2010
6/30/2010 View File Second Quarter 2010
3/31/2010 View File First Quarter 2010
Economic Impact
5/1/2014 View File The Economic Impact of the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport by Timothy P. Ryan, Ph.D. May 2014
5/3/2004 View File Economic Impact of the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport May 2004
Archived Statistics
12/31/2014View File 2014 Statistics - Year End
12/31/2013View File 2013 Statistics - Year End
12/31/2012View File 2012 Statistics - Year End
12/31/2011View File 2011 Statistics - Year End
12/31/2010View File 2010 Statistics - Year End
12/31/2009View File 2009 Statistics - Year End
12/31/2008View File 2008 Statistics - Year End
12/31/2007View File 2007 Statistics - Year End
12/31/2006View File 2006 Statistics - Year End
12/31/2005View File 2005 Statistics - Year End